Warning: Don't Hack Websites for Links (0:58)

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Can you believe it? Matt Cutts and Michael Gray, otherwise known as Graywolf, actually agree on something! The two have had a long history of disagreeing on the issue of paid links, but they have come together in a joint effort with a word of caution about hacking websites for links.

Matt says, “We [he and Michael] don’t always see eye-to-eye (Nah, really?!) …  but one thing that Michael and I both agree on is that hacking sites to get links is basically pure evil.”

What will happen if you don’t heed this advice? According to Michael, “… your sites are gonna burn in hell.”

This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by WebProNews.

Clearly, based on some of the comments, some of you are unaware that this was intended simply as a fun video. It is a spoof of the Pat Robertson/Al Sharpton PSA about the environment from a year or so ago.  You can go see that video here then watch ours. I thought it was funny…

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