Finding Marketing Value in YouTube (6:09)

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With people being increasingly drawn to video content, everyone is trying to capitalize on video sharing sites such as YouTube. There is, however, one problem: it isn’t always easy. Greg Jarboe is hoping to help marketers in this area with his new book entitled: YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day.

YouTube is known for funny videos such as cat or children videos. While these videos may go viral, they will likely only produce a one-time audience. In other words, these kids and cats may not to do the same thing again, which means there would be no reason for viewers to return to that channel for more content.

To be successful on YouTube, users cannot simply upload a single video. Statistics show that in an average minute, 24 hours of video has been uploaded to YouTube. As a result of this large amount of competition, Jarboe suggests that users create a series of “compelling content” in order to bring viewers back continually.

Users have to have a reason for wanting to come back to a particular YouTube channel and it is up to the content providers to produce that desire. Is your YouTube channel creating that appeal?

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