Getting Your Mobile App Found (5:23)

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The iPhone craze has resulted in businesses and developers rushing to create their own mobile applications. Since there is an app for just about anything, it is important to make sure that your app stands out from all the others.

Cindy Krum of Rank-Mobile explains that just as companies work to optimize their websites to rank high in the search engines, they need to put the same effort in getting their mobile applications noticed. With mobile however, it is not just a process of optimizing for the major search engines. Your app needs to also be optimized within other mobile search applications.

Going even beyond that, Krum stresses the importance of optimizing your app listing in the App Store and other marketplaces. Just as users seldom go past the first page on search results, they are even less likely to go past the first page with mobile. Therefore, if your app is not near the top, chances are, it will not get noticed.

Application providers should also take advantage of taking up 2 spots in the marketplace. You have the opportunity to sell both your app and your download, which would provide you with more chances of getting found.

Is your app fully optimized for mobile?

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