Local Search Opportunities with Bing Mobile (2:58)

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One area that Bing is really stepping up its efforts to better compete with the other search engines is in mobile search. Justin Jed, the Group Product Manager for Bing Mobile Search, believes in their product because it focuses on what users want. Not only does Bing organize Web results, but it also customizes them to better meet user needs.

Bing currently provides two options for advertisers through Bing Local Search. The first consists of a general adCenter ad on top of Bing for Mobile Web results. The second option includes a local listing through Yellow Pages.

Since many mobile devices are now equipped with compasses, GPS, cameras, voice input and more, Bing sees local search marketing converging with local search and evolving to a new level in the future. Jed says a typical Yellow Page listing which currently consists of a name, address, and telephone number will soon include maps, product reviews, and more.

On the subject of privacy, Bing for Mobile upholds the standard of Microsoft  through Trustworthy Computing to protect user’s private information.

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