Actor Kevin Pollak's Ability to Be Timeless and Limitless (5:36)

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The days of time constraints and censorship are over, thanks to the Internet. The Web opens many new opportunities that would not be possible in traditional media. Popular actor/comedian Kevin Pollak has made a name for himself in traditional media and is now embracing the Web. While he is not abandoning traditional media, he is taking advantage of all that the Web offers.

The actor has an online talk show called Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. The set is simple and consists of a black background and round wooden table, similar to a Charlie Rose set. Unlike other talk shows offline, Pollak’s show has no time limitations or censorship. The typical running time is one hour, but if it continues for two hours or longer, no one stops it.

The comedian has been approached by some television networks and asked to adapt his show for them. Because the standard traditional media boundaries would apply, he has refused all offers.

Pollak also recognizes the value of his audience and allows them to play a large role in the show. He says it is as much their show at it is his own. The viewers send in questions for the guests, participate in contests, and even submitted the theme song for the show.

Although he considers himself to “still be diving into the shallow end,” Pollak sees the importance of the social Web and is way ahead of some of his peers in traditional media. He refers to the new media space as the “wild west of a frontier that is the future.” He went on to say, “and the future is here. It’s now, it’s today, [and] it’s been going on for a while.”

As a word of advice to others, the comedian said:

“Don’t deny its [new media’s] existence and it’s a golden opportunity to reach out to people all over the world instantly.”

Pollak’s show is streamed live on Sundays at 5 PM PDT and can be viewed at or on his YouTube channel.

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