Overcoming Fear of Social Media (4:15)

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Many businesses are afraid of social media for a variety of reasons. For instance, some industries such as finance and healthcare just have a harder time integrating social media for compliance reasons. Other businesses are concerned with potential negativity and time management. Amber Naslund, the Director of Community for Radian6, explains to WebProNews how businesses can turn those fears around.

It is true that some businesses have an easier time implementing social media as opposed to others. For businesses that are heavily regulated, Naslund advises them to bring both the legal and compliance teams together to establish a strong set of guidelines. This will help businesses know from the very beginning what they can and can’t do.

Secondly, businesses are concerned that they might receive negative comments from social media. As Naslund very wisely points out, “Social media did not invent criticism.”

Every business will face criticism in some way, shape, or form. Social media is just another channel, and while criticism may result, social also provides opportunities to turn that negativity into something positive.

Lastly, time management is a big concern with social media. To overcome this fear, businesses should have a clear purpose and plan from the beginning. Don’t try to take it all on at once. Instead, focus on one area at a time.

Are you afraid of social media?

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