The Role of Journalism in New Media (5:47)

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The disputes regarding journalism and the Web have gone on for quite some time. From journalist vs. blogger debates to accusations the newspaper industry has brought against Google and other search engines, it is accurate to say that the Internet has changed the field of journalism.

According to Jay Rosen, Professor of Journalism at NYU and author of PressThink, the Web has brought many opportunities for journalists, as well as many new players into the news arena. In addition, the Web has destroyed the business model that previously supported the news industry.

As a result, there are now many new challenges that traditional journalists must overcome. Unfortunately, Rosen says that there is no one solution to these demands from new media. Instead, journalists need to learn the new tools and integrate the Web and mobile Web. He believes the support for journalists will be from a combination of sources such as advertisers, nonprofits, contributors, sponsorships, and more.

Looking into the future of journalism, Rosen does see a field of journalism. However, he thinks that traditional journalists will have to work more closely with others outside of the traditional medium. Journalists can be successful in the future, but they must embrace new media.

Where do you see traditional journalism heading in the future?

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