Tips for Making Money Next Week (4:40)

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It is amazing that sometimes what seems like the smallest change could actually have the biggest impact in business. Amanda Watlington, the Owner of Searching for Profit, shares how making those minute adjustments could allow you to make money next week.

The first tip Watlington tells involves making the buttons bigger on your website. You should want consumers to be able to act when they have the desire. By doing something as simple as increasing the button size could provide consumers with a clear incentive to act.

Secondly, Watlington suggests re-shifting the navigation on your website. Unfortunately, most navigation systems are product-centric and are not user-centric, which results in a problem. She recommends adjusting the navigation based on analytics to reflect the user’s interest. By applying this easy modification, your website could increase its traffic.

While many webmasters overlook these features, consumers do not.

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