Using Facebook and Twitter to Stand Out (6:54)

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Facebook and Twitter have changed the online marketing arena tremendously. But since each platform has so many users, how can marketers get their message out?  Relationship Marketing Specialist Mari Smith says marketers can stand out by “choosing a single area of focus.”

She suggests starting with a niche because consumers get confused if there are too many platforms involved. Whether it is an individual or a large brand sending the message, the message needs to add value, be transparent, and be consistent since consumers expect these qualities.

For Facebook, Smith recommends building well-rounded profiles and fan pages. She also shares how marketers can essentially build their own community by the updates, comments, and messages they make. In addition, create friend lists for organizational purposes. This allows users to easily share and communicate within each list and, ultimately, creates “viral visibility.”

For Twitter, Smith recommends our very own Twellow directory, which allows users to connect with others with similar interests. She also urges users to “get in the mindset” of their community. For instance, if you’re a weight loss coach, focus on key phrases such as “fat day” or “tight pants” instead of general terms such as “weight loss” or “personal trainer.”

Regardless of whatever social media platform you utilize, always remember to provide great content and be positive and energetic.

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