How Social Media Could Haunt You (4:33)

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Has someone ever posted a picture of you online that you wish wasn’t there? Since nearly everyone has a smartphone, it is so easy to post a photo to Facebook or Flickr instantaneously. But how could that image affect you in 5 years?

Some cases are harmless, but there are other situations that could have a lasting impact on individuals. WebProNews spoke with Wayne Sutton of OurHashtag who gave some tips for preventing social media from coming back to haunt you.

Social media etiquette is still a gray area online. Some people act differently online than they do offline and vice versa. Sutton said that he personally tries to be the same person online that he is offline.

He went on to say that individuals should establish a presence online that adequately represents them offline as well. It is also important to remember that even a simple tweet could hurt yourself, your brand, and potentially, others.

Sutton offers this simple, but wise advice: “Think about what you’re posting before you post it.”

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