Is There a Wrong Way to Use Twitter? (5:05)

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According to Guy Kawasaki, the Co-founder of Alltop, the best way to use Twitter is for marketing. He is anything but shy when it comes to both his love and usage for the microblogging service. However, not everyone agrees with his stance. He has especially received criticism from the SEO community.

One area of controversy is in regards to Kawasaki sending out the same tweet multiple times, a practice some people refer to as spam. Secondly, he has been greatly criticized for the “ghosts,” or other people he has tweeting for him.

In spite of the scrutiny, Kawasaki defends his strategy on Twitter. In a Q & A post on his blog, he explained his reasoning for repeating his tweets. He said:

“I repeat a handful of my tweets because I don’t assume that all my followers are reading me 24 x 7 x 365. This is the same reason that ESPN and CNN repeat the same news stories (without updates, simply identical reports) throughout the day.”

In response to the opposition of his ghosts, Kawasaki told WebProNews:

“At the end of the day, the ultimate test is not who tweeted it, as much as, is it interesting.”

As a result of the controversy, his ghosts now identify when they are tweeting. Ironically, he said that one of his ghosts actually gets retweeted more than he does.

Although his usage of Twitter has been brought under attack numerous times, it doesn’t appear to be affecting his success on the service at all. Since Twitter is a free and open platform, is there really a wrong way to use it?

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