Social Media's Bad and Ugly Side (3:57)

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With so many positive aspects of social media, it’s hard to think that there could be a downside. But unfortunately, there are current trends that reveal both a bad and ugly side to social media. At BlogWorld, Patrick O’Keefe, the Founder of the iFroggy Network, spoke with WebProNews and explained how a couple of these trends could lead to serious problems.

For starters, the growing use of sock puppets is one area of concern. In this trend, people post promotions or positive comments about a particular company or brand but do not disclose that they are directly affiliated with it. As a result, the company or brand loses its credibility and trust.

A second trend is the act of forcing people to use all tools and communities in the same way. When this occurs, the tools or the social platforms cannot grow or further develop.

Tune into this video to learn more about what Patrick O’Keefe had to say about these problems as well as tips he gives from his book, Managing Online Forums.

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