The Secret to Success on Twitter (5:25)

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For Laura Fitton, Twitter taught her “awesomeness.” She compares her experiences with Twitter to “falling through a looking glass into a wonderland.” Her success on the microblogging service has resulted in her building a company based on Twitter and writing a book called Twitter for Dummies.

Fitton has seen personally what can happen with Twitter and encourages others to utilize it and achieve the same success. There are, however, some rules to follow in order to reach that level. Fitton’s #1 tip for success for Twitter users and especially for business users, is to be selfless.

She says that users must contribute something of value on a regular basis. Instead of making it a self-serving effort, it needs to build a community in which users want to come back for more. Other tips that Fitton offers for any social media platform are: listen, learn, care, and serve. If these rules are applied, she says, “You will absolutely have success.”

Fitton is a firm believer in the idea that if you offer people more, they will be able to accomplish more and help others follow suit. As a result, she has one other item to add to her list of accomplishments from her success on Twitter. Her latest achievement is a new company called OneForty that consolidates the very best tools to help bring users value on Twitter. She refers to it as “the Yelp for Twitter apps.” To learn more about the company, visit their site.

Do you want to be successful on Twitter?

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