Blogging Is Not Dead! (2:51)

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In this age of Facebook and Twitter, how do you feel about blogs? Some reports say that blogging is dead, but is it? According to Stoney deGeyter, the President of Pole Position Marketing, it is anything but dead.

He said, “It’s [Facebooking and Twittering] not going to overtake and kill blogging by any means because blogging is a way to tell a full and complete story.”

He compares updating Facebook statuses and Twittering in 140 characters or less to watching a movie in short clips. Through these channels, followers and friends can only receive choppy snippets. Blogs, however, provide comprehensive information.

The best solution is to use Facebook, Twitter, and blogs in a joint effort. He suggests using Facebook and Twitter to promote blog content.

As deGeyter points out, it is especially important for small businesses to utilize blogs. Since businesses sometimes make the mistake of using their blogs only for promotional purposes, deGeyter suggests they create personalized content in order to draw readers back again and again. Not only do blogs break down the corporate barrier, but they also open up new doors of communication.

So, is the age of blogging is over, or is it simply being enhanced by new platforms?

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