What Makes a Quality URL? (3:51)

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In setting up a website, the URL is one of the most important elements. As Frank Bauer of Web Tuning Garage points out, webmasters need to think about the URL before they get their site up and running.

In an interview with WebProNews, Bauer advises webmasters to consider the following factors:

–    What makes a quality URL?
–    Canonicalization issues
–    Site taxonomy
–    Keywords

One of the most problematic areas with URLs is with canonicalization. Bauer said the most difficult canonicalization issue is “www” versus “non-www.”

As a way to avoid other obstacles, Bauer advises against exposing too much of your technology in regards to extensionless URLs, file names, and directories.

Ultimately, a domain needs to possess usable, typeable, and guessable qualities. Learn more about quality URLs in the above interview with Frank Bauer.

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