Why Social Media Is Important for Business (3:02)

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Multiple businesses are still fearful of embracing social media. Unfortunately, they do not realize that the conversation is already present, with or without them. With that said, it only makes sense to participate in the conversation.

Eric Brown of Urbane Apartments realized this back in 2004 and found social media to be so effective that he eventually dropped all print advertising and paid advertising online. As he pointed out, print advertising has a shelf life, but anything put on an outlet such as a blog, does not.

After a business becomes active in social media, Brown said you will find that people are less likely to attack your brand since they know you will respond. Although you cannot control the conversation, you can participate, which largely influences the control factor.

Brown advises other businesses to get involved in social media. He specifically recommended blogs and said they provide the greatest amount of leverage for the lowest amount of investment.

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