SEO And The Year Ahead (6:00)

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Whether or not you’re ready, next year is almost here, and this December-to-January transition point is always a convenient time to consider the direction things are taking. We won’t point you toward any feel-good movies or silly self-help books, though, as Amanda Watlington provided a more useful look at the SEO industry.

Watlington, the founder of Searching for Profit, has dealt in both SEO and marketing for a number of years, and observed that in 2009, “We have seen some of the choppiest economic waters . . . that any of us have endured.” Obviously, this caused a lot of negative effects.

2010’s not looking entirely rosy, either, and in an interview with Abby Johnson, Watlington talked about clients cutting back budgets while expecting better results. She stated that clients can get hung up on old SEO issues that may not matter anymore, too.

Another problem then relates to changes at the search engine level, with Google’s announcement about speed really standing out. Watlington argued that cutting sites’ load times is more of an engineering task, and one that can consume a goodly amount of money at that.

Still, the news isn’t all bad. As she works with retailers, Watlington said, “I’m seeing an actual uptick in purchases.” She also issued a piece of advice that can take companies pretty far: “love your customers.”

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