Developing Requirements Documentation (4:20)

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How many times has something gone wrong with your site that reminded you that you needed to spend more time in the planning process? Kim Krause Berg, the owner of and, created a system for users that not only helps in the website planning process, but it also eliminates many of the problems in advance.

When Krause Berg decided to become a usability consultant, she wanted to find an effective way to do this. Her system includes business requirements, functional requirements, search engine requirements, search engine marketing requirements, server requirements, social media requirements, and mobile requirements.

Typically, when a site is close to being complete, someone will decide to add or change something. Unfortunately, sometimes it cannot be done due to issues with the server or another matter. In other words, there wasn’t enough advance planning.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, Krause Berg recommends starting with a basic goal and then breaking it down. In the end, you will, hopefully, be able to detect all the problems before the roll-out of your website.

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