Google's Plans in the Mobile Market? (4:20)

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Where is Google going with its mobile efforts? It’s an intriguing question and although we wish we had the answer, we can only speculate. WebProNews did however, catch up with Michael Martin, our Android news expert, who shared his insights into the topic.

Google has made significant progress with Android phones especially with the Droid and most recently with the Nexus One. Martin is most excited about the Sony Xperia X10, which is also expected be released early this year. He said it is the first phone that “really will out speed the iPhone 3GS.”

In spite of this success, there have been rumors that Google may have something else up its sleeve. Speculation believes the “something” just may be a true Google phone that would be free from any mobile carrier.

Incidentally, Google’s recent actions reveal that there actually could be some truth to the rumors. The search giant recently acquired VoIP service Gizmo5 and last week shared a proposal for White Spaces databases. These actions could be early indicators of a true Google phone.

What do you think Google plans to do in the mobile market?

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