Microsoft and Ford Create Contractors' Dream (1:57)

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Microsoft and Ford made quite a hit with their joint efforts at CES 2010. One of their innovations that was hard to miss included a monster truck with Windows-embedded software.

Windows developed a platform for Ford to build a system that would allow users to transfer the cab of their truck into a mobile office. On the back of the 2011 Ford Super Duty, there are enough tools for a user to build a shed, boat, and more.

The inside of the truck is equipped with all the tools needed to run a business. These tools include fully functioning Internet with a Sprint 3G connection, word processing, Bluetooth enabled keyboard and printer, and more.

The one stipulation is that the truck has to be in park in order to enjoy all the functionalities of the mobile office.

Both Microsoft and Ford believe this innovation could take contractors and construction workers into the 21st century.

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