Reviving Storyteller Marketing (4:27)

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Although storyteller marketing is a form of traditional marketing, it is also a critical part of Internet marketing. WebProNews spoke with Dana Todd of Newsforce about the why it is especially important for search marketers to utilize this effective method.

According to Todd, storyteller marketing has been somewhat abandoned due to the short-sided nature of performance marketing. Most search marketers think in terms of click-to-click or campaign-to-campaign, but storyteller marketing takes a bigger commitment.

Todd recommends that marketers look at communication goals and understand what they want people to believe about their business. Once that is determined, marketers can then develop a storyline with those goals integrated into their brand.

Next, Todd says marketers need to commit to that storyline for a minimum of three years. While this doesn’t mean using the same ad over and over, it does mean building and developing the storyline in a variety of ways.

Storyteller marketing is a powerful way to connect with people, so why not utilize it?

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