Learn to Be a Musician with Beamz (3:43)

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As you have seen from our coverage, WebProNews witnessed a wide variety of amazing innovations at CES 2010. Definitely ranking at the top of our “favorite’s list” was the Beamz musical technology.

The Beamz product consists of 3 laser light beams for each hand, which translates into a total of six beams altogether. When users break a beam, music is created. Once broken, the light beams trigger and activate 100+ instruments, chords, music clips, sound effects, and rhythms. Amazingly, the Beamz software ensures that every musical sound is perfectly on key and beat.

Beamz has an educational component since it helps users learn how to play music. Users of all ages can play the device with ease and more experienced musicians can use it to compose, produce, and record music. In addition, users have found Beamz therapeutic and spiritual.

Beamz also introduced a new gaming platform at CES.

The product is compatible with both PC and MAC and is powered through a USB port. To learn more about this incredible innovation, visit www.thebeamz.com.

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