Basketball, Star Wars, And Audience Questions With Matt Cutts (5:14)

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Earlier this week, Google’s Matt Cutts announced that he was challenging himself to not answer outside email for 30 days. To keep you from going into Cutts withdrawal, then, here’s an interview conducted at SMX West. Cutts even took questions from a virtual crowd during the course of it.

This wasn’t quite an all-search, all-the-time study session, though. Cutts and Mike McDonald spent a little while talking about college basketball at the beginning, and by the end of the talk, had both expressed their appreciation of Star Wars.

As for what happened in between, Cutts fielded questions individuals posed via Twitter. One question related to local business center quality, and Cutts indicated that members of his team are working on it and steady improvements can be expected.

Another inquiry touched on the idea of meta tags at the bottom of a page, and Cutts responded, “Normally, your meta tags need to go in the head section of the HTML. That’s definitely the preferred way to do it.” Otherwise, random people can leave metatags in the comments.

Then one more question addressed up the importance of backlinks for SEO. Cutts said, “They don’t hurt. . . . I definitely recommend having good page content, as well, but backlinks can certainly help with your search rankings.”

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