Entropia Universe: Are You Ready to Play? (4:05)

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At SXSW, WebProNews spoke with David Storey of Entropia Universe. He tells WPN what the virtual world is and how it is different from Second Life.

As he explains, Entropia Universe accidentally broke a Guinness World record for the most valuable virtual world and turned it into a business. It’s an online game that is designed to let users have fun, play, and socialize, but it can also be used by businesses.

In the virtual world, anything a user has or does is worth money. Players can buy the in-game currency and it can be redeemed back into real money at a fixed exchange rate.

Although Entropia Universe is similar to Second Life, it is also very different. Storey says Second Life is a designer world and Entropia Universe is more of a game.

So, what brings Entropia Unvierse to SXSW? Storey tells WPN that he wanted to learn the social aspects of interactive media to apply it to business.

Find out more about Entropia Universe here.

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