Google Talks Caffeine, Spam, Buzz and PuSH (21:17)

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Since everyone always wants to know what’s going on with Google, WebProNews recently sat down with Matt Cutts.  He shares with us the latest news regarding the Caffeine Update, Google Buzz, PuSH, Spam, and more. Incidentally, the underlying theme that we picked up on for the search and advertising giant, in spite of all these developments, is still quality.

On the subject of Caffeine, Cutts says it is a very slow process because the search engine wants to make sure it has “high quality results.” Caffeine is live at one data center and will be rolled out at other data centers in the coming weeks and months. The software engineer speculates that the next data center will hit Europe.

After the news of Caffeine surfaced, many people within the industry believed site speed would play a large role in it for SEOs. However, Cutts points out that while site speed is an important signal for search engines, the Caffeine Update is completely independent of that fact. He specifically says, “We’re always going to care first and foremost about quality.”

He goes on to say, “If a site is twice as fast, it’s not going to rank twice as high.” Only in cases when there is primarily the same content on two pages will the one that is faster receive the higher ranking. Also, in regards to PageRank, Cutts told us that there are over 200 signals that Google uses and PR is not the only one that matters. He advises SEOs to pay attention to the other factors as well.

Google has also recently introduced the idea of pushing content to users as opposed to people having to pull to find it. This concept has been called Pubsubhubub, also known as PuSH. The basic gist is that it sends a ping to the “hub” once new content on a website is published. That “hub” will then notify all the subscribers to that site in real-time. Although developed by Google, PuSH is an open source platform.

When asked about Google Buzz, Cutts says he likes it very much but will not abandon Twitter as a result.

Lastly, the head of Google’s Webspam team told us that spam is always present. Although there are many new ways to spam, which ultimately makes his team work harder, Cutts considers it a win if it means the quality is better for users.

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