How to Save Journalism, Er, Newspapers (8:46)

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If all media reports are accurate, then journalism is dying. But are all reports actually accurate and is the issue really about journalism? According to Drew Curtis of, the answer to both is no. Abby Johnson of WebProNews recently had the opportunity to talk with Curtis about these very issues that are plaguing the media industry.

First of all, Curtis says the problem is with the newspapers and not journalism itself. In order to save the newspaper industry, he believes very creative things need to happen.

One creative innovation that is not the white knight for print is the iPad. Despite the numerous reports that have indicated that the device would save newspapers, Curtis says the reality is that people are not going to pay for something that they can get somewhere else for free.

People seem to believe that if subscription revenues were higher, the print industry would be fine. But as Curtis points out, “They’re not going to pay for ubiquitous value.”

Although new media bring many new opportunities to journalism, journalists have to understand how it works. Most journalists mistakenly think that social media simply drives a lot of traffic and therefore devote all their time to increasing their numbers. But in order for social media to really help journalists, they need to realize that content does not spread just because it goes out to a lot of users. Instead, the way to get it to spread is to make it compelling.

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