What Google's Research Is Telling Us (5:38)

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With all the trends and information on the Web, and with more popping up daily, how does Google stay on top of it all? According to Peter Norvig, Google’s Director of Research, the search giant focuses on satisfying the customer. Even if customers want outdated information, Google strives to meet their needs.

Norvig also discusses the search engine’s famous PageRank and how it is often misinterpreted. As he explains to WebProNews, PageRank is a technical formula that is a way to evaluate links between pages. However, he quickly points out, “That’s just one component of how we rank the pages…”

In addition, Google wants to understand what the pages, images, and video across the Web are talking about. It wants to connect people, places, and companies not only in a hyperlink way, but also in a way that connects these items with objects in the real world.

Mike McDonald of WPN also asks Norvig about Google’s stance on consolidating formats. Since users can distribute content through Email, Twitter, Blogs, Google Buzz, and many other outlets, will these distribution channels ever consolidate?

Norvig says the Web is structured in a way that gives users multiple options. He goes on to say that we are starting to see “bridges” such as a retweet, which allows users to take media off of one page and publish it on another media outlet. From this model, he believes the best aspects will evolve and form into new formats.

What are your thoughts on these trends and how they affect users?

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