Can Blogs Withstand Facebook and Twitter? (6:18)

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As more and more hype builds around Facebook and Twitter, where do blogs fit in? This is an interesting debate and one that many people feel strongly about, including Emily Gordon of Emdashes. She compares Facebook and Twitter to a continuous snowstorm but says the snow will melt eventually.

Gordon goes on to say that sites like Facebook and Twitter provide an Internet experience that bombards users with information and data. She says this experience is very similar to consumers watching TV. With the Internet however, users can watch and create their own content, which allows them to impact the medium.

Gordon believes blogging is really the only format for saving and storing this type of content. As she tells WebProNews, “[With blogs] you’re kind of keeping that snow on the ground… you’re keeping things visible, you’re keeping them findable, you’re keeping them searchable, and you’re keeping them archival.”

In regards to the future of blogs, Gordon believes it is bright. As Facebook and Twitter continue to get more public, she says blogs will be a place where people have smaller communities. Although Twitter fulfills many user needs since it allows users to publish quick thoughts and ideas, Gordon points out that blogs also fulfill the needs users have to catalog, collect, reflect, and critique.

What are your thoughts on this debate?

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