Google Spices Up Enterprise Development (6:07)

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Along with the HTML5 and Google TV announcements at Google I/O, there were also several that pertained to business, involving enterprise and applications. To clarify this news, WebProNews caught up with Matt Glotzbach, the Product Management Director of Google Enterprise.

The first announcement involves the formal release of Gmail contextual gadgets. These gadgets are extension capabilities that transform email into an integration point. Now that these capabilities are opened to developers, they can build more gadgets that integrate with other systems.

“It’s really making your inbox more useful,” says Glotzbach.

In addition to releasing Gmail contextual gadgets, Google announced updates to Google Apps Script. This software tool, launched at last year’s I/O event, can now be integrated into Google Docs, Google Maps, and third-party services through the new Java Database connectivity. According to Glotzbach, it is a similar concept to what you see in microlanguages, but it is done in a very open way.

Google also announced a partnership with VMware in regards to cloud computing collaboration. Although cloud computing adoption is becoming more prevalent, there are still a number of hurdles involved with it.  Often times, developers have a non-standard toolset to work with and are forced to choose a cloud to deploy from up front.

At Google I/I, the two companies revealed their effort to give developers a familiar set of tools to work with and to allow them to deliver their applications to any number of targets. The companies hope to give developers and businesses the tools, portability, and openness to encourage cloud computing.

In conjunction with the partnership with VMware, Google also announced Google App Engine for Business. This feature brings the power of Google App Engine to businesses. It contains both management and support capabilities.

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