Innovative Marketing In The Form Of Brand Fiction (5:44)

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Compared to other forms of writing, fiction is quite popular; it’s rare that you’ll see a person pick up some dead president’s biography rather than the latest thriller, for example. And fiction can also work well in terms of promoting companies, with instances of brand fiction achieving success.

Helen Klein Ross, the founder of Brand Fiction Factory, spoke to Abby Johnson at SXSW about this concept. She explained, “The idea of brand fiction is not only to develop new, entertaining ways for consumers to connect with the brand, but to take the message and the story that brands are already telling and opening up to new ways. Giving consumers new incentives to connect with the brand. And validating them.”

Ross also said, “Consumers don’t want to sit back and listen to stories just told by the gatekeepers. It’s a whole new world. So brand fiction gives consumers a new way to connect with the brands and a new incentive to do so.”

Ross is a real pro in this respect, too. She is in fact the person behind the Twitter account of “Betty Draper” (a character on the AMC TV show Mad Men), and Betty Draper/Ross won a Shorty Award for Innovation.

Spicing up an advertising campaign with some innovative storytelling looks like a great way to catch people’s attention and keep their interest, then.

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