Logitech Brings Its Living Room Experience to Google TV (6:10)

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Although the news of Google TV is one week old, it is still raising eyebrows. The open platform brings the power of the Web to the living room television experience. Aside from Google, partners in this endeavor include Intel, Logitech, Sony, Best Buy, DISH Network, and Adobe.

WebProNews had the opportunity to talk with Ashish Arora, the Vice President and General Manager of Logitech Digital Home to learn more about Logitech’s role in this innovation. Arora shares that Logitech became involved with Google TV because it wanted “to build a new presence in the living room that consumers have never had before.”

Although Logitech is known for devices such as mice and keyboards, the company has actually been innovating in the living room for quite some time. According to Arora, the company could take all the experiences it built around the PC and now offer them in the living room through Google TV.

Logitech, specifically, brings its companion box to Google TV, which allows easy access to HDTVs with HDMI-enabled set-top boxes. The companion box includes Logitech’s Harmony remote control technology and also comes with a remote control that has both keyboard and remote control capabilities.

Many times throughout the interview, Arora expresses Logitech’s excitement around the openness of Google TV.

“It’s a great time for consumers, for people to really enhance their current TV watching experience with Google TV,” he says.

Google TV is scheduled to be available this fall.

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