Self-Promotion Done Right (3:20)

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How do you feel about self-promotion? It’s a challenging area, but it is often necessary in business. Good self-promotion can be very powerful, but bad self-promotion can be extremely damaging.

According to Patrick O’Keefe, the Founder of the iFroggy Network, “self-promotion done wrong is spam.” This type of self-promotion occurs when users do the opposite of what the community wants them to do. Unfortunately, this spam takes place all across the Web on forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Since respectable businesses obviously do not want to spam, how can they practice effective self-promotion? O’Keefe gives two helpful tips for doing it right. First of all, he suggests looking for people who are already doing it right and following their example.

Secondly, he recommends abiding by the guidelines of the community. These guidelines or terms of service will let users know what is allowed and what isn’t allowed. If users follow these rules, they will gain respect from the community.

Self-promotion is, however, challenging since users do not want to come across as arrogant or cocky. To avoid this, O’Keefe advises users to tell their experience and then let the community determine its own perception. Users can say that they wrote a book without saying that they wrote the greatest book of all time.

He says, “It’s never for me to say whether or not I’m good; it’s always for someone else to say whether or not I’m good.”

In the end, shameless self-promotion is possible, if it is done right.

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