Coming Soon: New Bing Webmaster Tools (4:02)

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At SMX Advanced, Bing revealed a preview of its new Webmaster Tools. WebProNews caught up with Eric Gilmore, a Group Product Manager with Bing, who says the new tools were built completely from scratch.

According to Gilmore, the tools are all about design and scale. With the new modern architecture of the tools, Bing wants to give users more data, more relevant information, analytics, and more. Gilmore says the three main areas Bing focused on was crawl, index, and traffic.

In addition, Bing is ensuring a simplified user experience and rich visualizations. Interestingly enough, Gilmore indicates that the feedback from users was very instrumental in the development of the tools. He went on to say that Bing wants to create an “open dialogue” relationship with its users.

“We have a whole bunch of things we want to do, so this is just the beginning,” says Gilmore.

Bing is currently fine-tuning the tools before they are released in the coming weeks. For the latest updates, check out the Webmaster Center blog.

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