Yelp: Closing Gap between the PC and Business (4:36)

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As mobile grows, we also see the rise of local search. Dylan Swift of Yelp spoke with WebProNews about this phenomenon recently at SMX Advanced. He explains how companies such as Yelp are helping to close the gap between the PC and local business. These companies are doing this through the mobile device.

From Yelp’s mobile application for the iPhone, it can see that there is a phone call happening to a local business every 5 seconds of every day. Another statistic they are seeing is 27 percent of all the company’s searches are happening through their app. In addition, a little less than 1 million mobile searches for directions to a local business have occurred in the last 30 days.

In other words, Yelp is helping bring consumers and local businesses together. With the continued adoption of smartphones, Swift does not see mobile traffic dropping for a while. For example, the company saw 1.8 million unique visitors through its mobile app in the last month, which is up from less than 1 million 9 months ago.

Yelp also has an app for the iPad. Swift says it is similar to what users see on their website, since they have a more real estate to work with on the iPad. Although the majority of Yelp’s mobile traffic comes from the iPhone, Swift pointed out that the company is investing in Android as well.

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