What Mobile Trends Are Telling Us (3:12)

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A recent Nielsen report reveals some interesting information regarding mobile trends. The study covers the mobile usage data of over 60,000 mobile subscribers gathered and analyzed by the Nielsen Company.

For starters, the report found that African-Americans use around 1,300 minutes each month, which is more than any other demographic. Hispanics are next using 826 minutes each month. The Asians/Pacific Islanders use approximately 692 minutes per month, and somewhat surprisingly, Whites are last since they use only 647 minutes on a monthly basis.

In terms of texting, African-Americans and Hispanics still rank the highest. They send and receive 780 and 767 texts respectively. Whites are next using roughly 566 texts per month. Lastly, Asians/Pacific Islanders send and receive only 384 texts monthly.

In addition, the report found that women in the U.S. talk more on cell phones than men do. Women actually talk 22 percent more than men do, which will do nothing but add to the constant teasing of women being talkers. Also, women send or receive 601 text messages, while the average man sends or receives 447 texts each month.

Not surprisingly, the largest group of texters is teenagers. They send or receive an average of 2,779 messages per month. Next, the 18-24-year old bracket sends or receives 1,299 per month. Thirdly, the 25-34-year old age group uses approximately 592 text messages in a month.

While this data further proves that mobile is growing, it also indicates some other notable mobile trends. First of all, Om Malik of GigaOM wrote about one point of interest involving how users are changing. According to him, society is trending toward not talking on the phone.

It’s not that communication is dying, but instead, other forms of communication are becoming more popular than talking on the phone. When you think about it, everything from informal chats to business deals is done through alternative forms of communication. The advent of instant messaging, email, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms will only increase these other methods.

Based upon these mobile trends, what direction do see society heading?

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