Android-iPhone Arms Race Update (4:57)

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The mobile market is a fast-changing place, with fresh developments occurring at what feels like a monthly or even weekly pace. Fortunately, Michael Martin recently took a few minutes to talk about the iPhone/Android battle and what’s coming next.

Martin, the owner of Mobile Martin, which is a mobile SEO consulting service, began by highlighting some of the advantages offered by the HTC EVO 4G. This phone was the fastest Android device at the time of its release, and thanks to its 4G capabilities, offers improved videoconferencing compared to the iPhone 4.

The EVO 4G also has a bigger screen than the latest iPhone, although that can become a drawback since it tends to drain the battery.

Anyway, in terms of what other features Android and iPhone fans have to look forward to, Martin indicated he’s heard rumors about solar charging abilities coming to both platforms.

Then Android users alone may be able to look forward to kinetic charging (in the manner of watch), and Martin expects the Android Market to receive an overhaul when the Gingerbread version of Android is released later this year.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Apple will at least address the iPhone 4’s reception issues with a hardware fix in the near future.

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