Social Success for Brick-and-Mortars (4:29)

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Because social media is an entirely different playing field, it can be difficult for businesses, especially brick-and-mortar businesses. Many offline businesses are hesitant about embracing social because they think it is a fad or something youthful.

Although some of these businesses are starting to see its benefits, they often have trouble knowing what to do with it. One of the big mistakes they make is simply getting involved with social platforms without having a strategy.

For instance, some traditional businesses set up accounts on Facebook or Twitter because they are popular. However, these social vehicles might not be suited for their business.

According to Rob May, the Executive Director of the Natural Color Diamond Association, social media is quickly becoming a critical element in the marketing sector. It is for this reason that it should be taken seriously.

Because May works with multiple manufacturers, brands, and retailers in the jewelry industry and helps educate them on social media, he is very familiar with their needs and challenges. He tells us that traditional businesses need to reach outside of their comfort zone and not only accept these new technologies, but also adopt them. By avoiding social media, these businesses will only miss out on large opportunities.

For those businesses that take the plunge and embrace social media, May advises that they stay relevant, genuine, and quick. By applying these tips, businesses can find the true value of social media.

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