Is the Chatroulette Fad Over? (2:44)

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Not too long ago, Chatroulette earned a lot of comparisons to Twitter and even Facebook in that it was a fast-growing site with a social focus. Now, though, traffic trends seem to be reversing, and less charitable comparisons to Craigslist might be in order on the “social” front.

To provide a little background data: comScore statistics indicated in January that Chatroulette received 109,000 unique visitors. By February, the number had jumped to 960,000.

The site also received all sorts of media attention around that time. Still, as with Twitter, there was the problem of monetization. Andres Palmiter, an online video sales specialist at comScore, said in an interview with Abby Johnson that advertisers wondered, “What can I do with content that I have no control over?”

And specifically, sexual content on the site started to cause a lot of concern.

A promise on Chatroulette’s part to cooperate with authorities and a site redesign haven’t done a lot to address these problems. More recent comScore data shows that unique visitors are growing fewer in number, too.

Chatroulette’s definitely hit a bump. It should be interesting to see if the once-hot property can keep from fading away.

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