School Enforces Social Media Ban for a Week (3:23)

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In a report last month, WebProNews challenged viewers to see how long they could go without Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, and any other time-consuming social platform. The intent of the story wasn’t to say that these social tools are bad. Instead, it was meant to help people understand how much they depend on social and how it could lead to a lack of productivity.

This week, ironically, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania issued a similar challenge to its students. Dr. Eric Darr, University Provost and Executive Vice President, enforced a block on all social media platforms across the campus for a week.

The university is a strong advocate of social media, but it wants students to be aware of their social usage and their reasons for utilizing it. Although students can access social media through their smartphones and off campus, the university hopes that they will honor the academic exercise.

“This is one week and one particular set of exercises to help students think critically about this type of technology that we call social media,” said Dr. Darr.

The university included a social media summit in the week’s events. Students are also asked to write a reflective paper about their week’s experience. Incidentally, Dr. Darr told WPN that students have already told him that they feel less stressed than usual.

Could you live without these social platforms for a week? Is this an experiment we all could learn from?

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