Survey Says: News Consumption Up in U.S. (2:52)

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According to a recent survey from the Pew Research Center, Americans are spending more time consuming the news. In fact, news consumption is actually as high as it was in the mid-1990’s.

Pew conducted the study during the summer and surveyed over 3,000 Americans. It found that the Internet and digital platforms are a large part of the reason why news consumption is on the rise. That said, it is no surprise that only 39 percent of Americans obtain their news from traditional news sources.

When Americans were asked about their online news consumption, 34 percent said they went online for news yesterday. When cell phones, email, social networks, and podcasts were counted as well, that number jumped to 44 percent.

Although traditional platforms such as radio and print seem to be declining in value, online news consumption is not replacing traditional forms. Only 9 percent of those surveyed said they depend entirely on the Web for their news. Most users are now integrating new technologies into their previous news routine with more than a third of Americans saying they used both traditional and online sources to obtain news.

The overall takeaway from the survey is that Americans are consuming more news. Pew believes these findings are a result of the following developments:

1.    Changing content
2.    Improved and quicker Internet connections
3.    Changing consumers

Have your news consumption habits increased in the past decade? If so, why? Where do you think news consumption will take us in the next decade?

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