The Role of Information Architecture in SEO (7:49)

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When you think about SEO, information architecture is not always one of the first things that come to mind. According to Kim Krause Berg of, it should be since it plays a significant role in SEO success.

As she explains to WebProNews, most people try numerous tactics when their conversions drop. However, if the problem is with the website’s foundation, then conversions will continue to drop. The foundation consists of elements such as business requirements, keyword research, user behavior, mental models, and more.

When users factor in these elements, they can build an information architecture based on new information they have found and on some they never knew they had. As a result, the website flows better and is easier to use.

She says users should, “create an experience, not just a bunch of web pages.”

In addition, she advises people to not put everything on the home page. If the website is built properly, the users should not have any trouble with the navigation. She suggests creating links other than the usual Products, Services, About Us, and Contact Us tabs. When SEOs are creative, it motivates users.

On a different note, Krause Berg also discusses the idea of social behavior in regards to offline and online human behavior. Society is obviously adopting more to social media and social networking. She believes the key is providing something other than what is already available offline. She goes on to say that both Facebook and Twitter did this.

A great deal of research is being conducted related to social media and human behavior. Krause Berg believes SEOs and marketers should pay attention to it since they need to use social media to increase their search presence.

Have you considered these components pertaining to information architecture and online social behavior and how they affect your online success?

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