Adam Carolla's Rise to Podcast Fame (9:41)

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Can you believe it? Adam Carolla actually comes from a long line of successful podcasters dating all the way back to his great-grandfather. Although it makes for a humorous story, this isn’t exactly how Carolla rose to podcasting fame.

Truth be told, he began his podcast after he got axed from his CBS Radio show. In this interview from BlogWorld, he tells WebProNews that he didn’t even know what a podcast was until that time.

Although podcasting is a relatively new medium, it didn’t take long for Carolla to make a splash in the podcasting world. During the second week of his podcast, 2.4 million downloads were reported. His podcast was also name the #1 audio podcast by iTunes in 2009.

“I’m flattered that people think of me as some kind of podcast pioneer,” says Carolla.

He also points out, “If people like to give me more credit than I deserve, I’m always willing to take it.”

While the founder of ACE Broadcasting does not believe that traditional and new media are entirely different, he does say that new media platforms have many challenges. Most of these challenges are due to the fact that podcasting is still new and monetizing anything “new” is always difficult.

Fortunately, he has seen improvements among advertisers over the last six months.

Carolla is currently performing at multiple Improv clubs across the U.S. He also has a book due to come out November 2, entitled, In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.

For the latest on Carolla, visit his site.

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