Are Location Services Sustainable? (3:47)

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Although location services are becoming increasingly popular, they are still in the very early stages. At the BlogWorld Expo, WebProNews spoke with Lawrence Coburn, the CEO of DoubleDutch, about the future of these services.

According to him, the big question is: “Is a check-in becoming a gesture that’s going to be as common as a status update?” He, personally, believes that it is, especially now that Facebook is in the game with its Places.

There were many concerns about Foursquare and other location services after Facebook Places launched. While it’s not likely that all the services will remain strong, Coburn does point out that Foursquare has “weathered the storm” and believes that it will continue to grow.

Although the sustainability of these services is still the million-dollar question, Coburn believes location is fundamental. He says it is a huge opportunity for marketers.

Where do you see location services heading in the future?

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