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Although everyone wants to do video these days, they seem to be hesitant with it for multiple reasons. For starters, many people are intimidated by video. They also think that it is hard and that they have to have a full video crew to be successful at it.

According to video blogging pioneer Steve Garfield, these theories are false. He tells WebProNews that these theories are common misconceptions about video and that video can actually be quite simple.

Instead of going out and buying a new camera that you don’t know how to use, Garfield suggests starting with what you already have. The next step is to practice. Let yourself get comfortable with the camera and speaking on video before you put the content online.

Garfield says that it is best to do something that you are passionate about, such as what Gary Vaynerchuk does.

As far as distribution goes, he recommends using YouTube and However, he also points out that people should build up their community before they distribute their content, since this would allow for more exposure.

Ultimately, video gives businesses the opportunity to set themselves apart from their competition. It also offers a personal element to businesses, which can be used to better engage with consumers.

Do you see this added value in video?

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