Using Email 2.0 for Lead Conversions (4:35)

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With traditional email marketing, marketers would send one-off emails. Autoresponder emails came along next, which allowed marketers to send out automated messages based on how visitors interacted with their site. According to Colin Daymude, Infusionsoft takes this one step further with its Email 2.0.

As he explains to WebProNews at the Inbound Marketing Summit, Email 2.0 combines email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). In other words, the company is able to build a database for all the clients that come in and visit their marketing materials. Email 2.0 also includes an affiliate module and a shopping cart.

Daymude points out that the #1 concern for small businesses is to determine how they could get the most out of their resources. Email 2.0 helps businesses leverage their resources and get each message out the way they want to get it out.

He also offers some tips for turning visitors into buyers. He suggests following the “perfect customer lifecycle.” This process starts with building a relationship, and additionally includes further developing it to the point that the buying cycle is seamless, encouraging clients to adopt the product or service, and helping clients see the value. Ultimately, the outcome is that the clients would become advocates for the company.

Are you utilizing Email 2.0 and the “perfect customer lifecycle”?

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