Using Relationships for Link Building (4:30)

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Link building is one of the keys to SEO, building credibility, and a number of other powerful factors that benefit your business. According to Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land, one important part of link building is relationship building.

As he explains to WebProNews, this role of relationships in link building should not come as a surprise with social media playing an integral role in society. The standard email requests for links are simply not working anymore. Instead, people are sharing links based on how well they know someone, or how credible that person is.

Facebook and Twitter are just two examples of how people are doing this. Sullivan points out that even though Twitter nofollows its links, others might see it and use it in a blog post.

Although this social element may be hard for people who are socially awkward, it does provide many opportunities for businesses. However, the Internet offers a place for everyone, and often times, the socially awkward offline are sometimes completely comfortable online.

Sullivan also discusses mobile and check-in services. He said people should pay especially close attention to these services and equates them to search.

Are you embracing relationship link building?

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