3 Deadly Mistakes with Online Video (7:55)

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Since online video is continuing to increase in value, everyone is making attempts with it. Some are having success with it, and others are not. According to Patrick Starzan, the Vice President of Marketing of the popular comedy website Funny or Die, there are many mistakes that people are making with video on the Web.

The first mistake that people make is a matter of frequency, or more specifically, a lack of frequency. Many people only produce a couple of videos each month. As a result, the audience doesn’t know what to expect, and the video producers are not able to learn from their mistakes.

If you have a video strategy, Startzan says that you have to consistently produce video to learn what you’re doing right and wrong and also, to determine what the community wants.

The second mistake that people make in videos is that they don’t understand their target market. This is a big mistake because, if you don’t know your target market, then you can’t give them what they want.

“You only have once or twice to make an impression on people,” he says.

Starzan points out that you need to capture your target’s attention and make them feel like they have benefited from your video. By doing this, the audience may potentially share it with their friends and become loyal viewers.

Thirdly, people make mistakes in the distribution of their video content. The idiom: “if you build it, they will come” is not true with online video. Starzan says that people often get so caught up in the creation of the content that they often forget to let the audience know about it.

Funny or Die, specifically, focuses on building up their distribution channels through social media, newsletters, search, and its blog in order to get as many people to watch their videos as possible.

As for the future of online video, Starzan tells WebProNews that mobile and applications will play a large role. He goes on to say that content producers need to make sure that they are optimizing their videos for mobile apps.

Do you find these areas of video to be challenging?

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