Bruce Clay: Likes are the New Links (4:16)

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Are “likes” the new links? Some think so, and you can count search vet Bruce Clay among them. Social has indisputably become an important part of search, and that is really just beginning.

In this video, Clay suggests that likes, referrals, and recommendations will become major part of all the ranking algorithms used by search engines. You can see that the search engines are already very interested in this kind of social data, from Bing’s deal with Facebook to Google’s desire of Facebook’s data.

It’s going to be interesting to see just how big a role likes and other social interactions play in search overall, going forward. You can expect new kinds of spam and manipulation. Google and the other search engines will have their hands full trying to combat those hoping to game the system. The social networks will have their hands full as well.

Likes are already coveted by content providers all over the web. Listen to what Bruce Clay has to say about this and where the industry is heading.

To learn more about Bruce Clay’s predictions, watch the full interview.

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