Finding the Right Social Media Influencers (10:17)

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In social media, most marketers understand that they need influencers to help spread their message. However, the hard part is finding those points of influence. Valeria Maltoni, the Director of Strategy at Powered, tells WebProNews that many marketers go after the wrong influencers.

As she explains, many companies go after the famous people online. Although these people do have a lot of influence, they are probably not the best option for your business. On the other hand, companies should be looking for the people that already care about their brand and are passionate about it. These are the people that will provide the most powerful influence.

Once a business finds these influencers, it then needs to find ways to bring them together. Not only does this increase the exposure of the message, but it also helps to build a strong community.

Maltoni goes on to suggest that companies should know who their audience is and what it is doing. From this point, businesses need to determine methods for joining and engaging with the audience. Maltoni says it is much more effective for a company to join the existing community than to try to get the community to join the company.

In this interview, she also discusses how brands such as Dell, Apple, and Starbuck’s have used social and what they have done right and wrong. From these examples, she recommends that companies learn to be customer-centric.

Has your company found its influencers?

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