Putting More Focus In Your Blogging (5:47)

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Greg Ferenstein, a freelance journalist spoke with Abby Johnson about blogging and journalism.

Ferenstein says that more people read his content when he did original investigations and he became the source of information that all the other bloggers were talking about.

What helped Ferenstein the most in finding original sources was being a networker, and going to conferences, meeting people and developing personal relations.

To build his credibility as a blogger, Ferenstein says he tries to provide the most evidence he can on a particular subject.

Ferenstein says he always assumes that people on the Internet have acute attention deficit disorder. Everyone on the Internet skims, they are looking at Twitter feeds, Facebook, RSS and a million different sites.

He formats his blog with italics, bolds, and pictures to force the reader to focus on what he thinks is mots important for them. All readers are going to skim.

Ferenstein says he does not like the distinction between bloggers and journalists. There are some horrible journalists and great bloggers, and they could switch places and people would not notice much of a difference.

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